For SEO purposes you may want to have a static first post or home page in your WordPress site. In addition to this you may also want to show some of your latest posts or some snippets of your latest posts after your static first post.

Traditionally, when you install WordPress and start posting to it, the last post you made will always be the first post that shows on your home page.

You may well want it to be this way, but alternatively you may want to always display a welcome message on the front page of your site.

For example on this SEO site I have a static first post displaying on my home page and I also show snippets of the latest 5 posts.

So how do you do this? Luckily it is not too complicated…


Create the welcome message that you want to display on the home page of your site. In this  post you probably want to welcome your visitors, give them a brief intro to what your website is about, encourage an optin (if applicable) and anything else you want.  Here are the instructions for creating a static home page (for WordPress 2.7)

(1) Login to your WordPress Admin area
(2) Click on “Pages” on the menu and select “Add New”
(3) Create your new page
(4) Remember to include your site’s main keywords in the title of the post and in a few places  throughout the post for SEO purposes
(5) Publish your page
(6) Click on “Settings” in the menu and select “Reading”
(7) From the drop down menu choose “A static page” from the selection for the “Front Page Display”
(8) Select the page that you just created from the drop down menu and click “save changes”

Once you have completed these steps if you view your site, your new welcome message should be the only thing that is displayed on the home page and the visitor can navigate via whatever widgets you have (e.g. categories, latest posts etc).

If you want to go one step further and show the last say 3, or 5 posts underneath your static welcome message, you can also do step 2.


(1) The first step is to edit one of your theme files to add some code to make the home page show your latest posts underneath the welcome message. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the  PHP code.
(2) Click on “Appearance” and “Editor” in the menu
(3) Click on “Page Template”
(4) First back up this page template. This is so you can quickly and easily recover if it goes wrong. To do this just open a text editor on your computer and copy and paste the contents of page.php (the page template) into your text editor and save it.
(6) Look for the line of code that looks like this:

(7) AFTER this line of code insert the following code:

Latest posts….

(8) If you want you can edit the part that says “Latest Posts…” to say whatever you want. Or you can change from h3 to h2 or whatever you prefer.

This shows snippets of the latest 5 posts. If you want to show a different number of posts  then change the ‘showposts=5’ to ‘showposts=3’ or whatever number you want.

(9) Save the file

That’s it! Your WordPress home page should now be showing a static welcome message and snippets of the latest 5 posts.

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