increase website conversion rateIf a website doesn’t make sales, it’s either because it doesn’t get enough traffic, or because the conversion rate sucks. SEO will take care of the former, but what about the latter? Here are 5 ways to increase website conversion rate.

1. Use testimonials.  Testimonials are words from other people recommending the usage of your products or services and are a great way to increase website conversion rate.  People are more inclined to believe the words of third parties compared to the words of the merchant himself.  Testimonials have an aura of objectivity, and more often than not, they are enough to convince many of your readers into purchasing what you have to offer.

2. Give emphasis to the benefits and relate them well to the need you should have established.  People are looking for solutions, first and foremost, and some people are willing to spend money to get them.  They are your target market, and the only way you can convince them that your product or service is what they’re looking for is by establishing a need they can relate to, and providing the solution through a thorough discussion of the benefits your product or service can provide.  Your sales page should be benefits-centric, that is, the enumeration of benefits should manage to take over the sales page at some point and this should serve as the rallying point of your campaign.

3. Offer bonuses.  Who wouldn’t want to get more than what they will pay for, right?  Bonuses are effective tools because they increase the perceived value of your products or services.  Some internet marketers even attach a multitude of bonuses on their offers.  Aside from giving more value to the package, it also imparts a very important quality that many online businessmen would like to be known for: over-delivery.

4. Urgency marketing.  Urgency marketing is a relatively novel sales technique that employs time-sensitive offers.  One time offers, special offers and the likes are examples of this tactic.  You may offer a hundred bonuses on the condition that your readers will purchase your offer within a specific period of time.  Or, instead of using bonuses, you can offer a fantastic discount available during the same span of time.  This is a great technique, as it creates a sense of panic amongst your prospects, making them WANT to buy what you have to offer at the soonest possible time, least they miss out on an amazing opportunity.

5. Offer a money back guarantee.  Offering a refund policy is the ultimate risk reversal technique.  It will make your prospects feel secure, and it can prove to be that final push that will compel them to make a purchase.  A lot of internet marketers are afraid of offering a refund policy because they do not want to assume the risks.  But refunds provide more benefits than disadvantages.  Statistics show that a great majority of your customers will not opt for a refund because of what they feel is a rather complicated process involved.  Refunds are just choices.  People rarely exercise them.

Sales pages are, ultimately, about how well they’ll be able to convert.  You can increase website conversion rate by trying some of the ideas listed above and more importantly, through continuous testing to determine how efficiently each component of your sales page is performing.  Copywriters share this one motto: test, test, test.  Never stop testing, and adjusting if necessary, until you reach a substantially increased website conversion rate.

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