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On this page you will find testimonials from previous customers who have read my 3 Steps to Search Engine Success Ebook, my 10 Ways to Improve your Search Engine Ranking report or used my search engine optimization services.


I loved Suzanne's Search Engine Ranking Report.

This is a straight to the point, no fluff guide on how anyone can boost their website's positioning in the major search engines. I was pleased by the fact that I didn't have to trawl through pages of useless info to get to the 'meat' of the topic.

Mal Keenan Mal Keenan, Ireland


Suzanne's report is exactly what it says - 10 Tips on Improving Your Search Engine Rank. Although the report might seem skimpy with having only 15 pages, HIGH QUALITY is what's important and HIGH QUALITY is exactly what you get!

This eBook is useful for any website owner who is seeking to generate more *traffic* to their website - the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing - or for those beginning newbie's or even intermediate internet marketers.

What's more is that you get GREAT resources to use alongside with the chapters to help you to start to improve your search engine ranking right off the bat!
In just 3 words - A wise investment!

Justin Mandel, USA

  Hi Suzanne,

I just finished reading your report "10 Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking" and I am really impressed with it. In 10 easy to follow tips you managed to cover everything from A to Z on getting a website that is ranking poorly to the top of the search engines. I would say anyone with average intelligence could follow this report and improve traffic by implementing good SEO practices and following what you teach here.

Jeff Schuman Jeff Schuman, USA

  Hello Suzanne,

If you are looking for SEO help and support for your website I can wholeheartedly recommend Suzanne’s SEO services.

Her approach is both friendly and professional. She always goes the extra mile to help explain, guide and support you in ensuring you receive the best advice suitable for your own needs

Suzanne’s delivers on time, with passion and an overwhelming desire to help you succeed in your chosen field

My advice to anyone considering using SEO services is to just go and do it right now especially if you are short on time. This service is excellent value for money.

Suzanne THANK YOU for all your excellent SEO service and your continued patience helping me grow my business successfully

Charles C Boustany, UK


One thing, I always like about Suzanne is that, she is best at fulfilling her promises and completing her work in time. She does extremely professional SEO updates.

Thank You So Much, Suzanne! For helping me to target specific keywords to multiply search engine traffic. Your strategies have helped me a lot for being on top pages of Google for different keyword phrases.

The quality SEO advice and resources provided by you have proved to be most powerful for getting high search engine traffic and attracting website visitors to great extent.

Damodar Kakule, India


If I didn't have Suzanne's very professional and prompt service, I would certainly still be stuck in first gear!! Thanks again for all the services you've provided over time and for patiently answering so many questions.

I can sincerely recommend Suzanne's SEO services and if you haven't used it yet, I will prompt you to do so asap.

Francina Smit, USA

  Hello Suzanne,

Suzanne, Thank You for your SEO service. You did a super job optimizing my website and I have seen my website steadily climbing in the search engine rankings for my keywords. You are always very professional and delivery ahead of schedule on your commitments. Your book, 3 Steps To Search Engine Success, has been a tremendous guide with easy and clear step-by-step instructions for the do-it-yourself webmaster.

Leon Bowes, USA


Hello Suzanne,

Your 10 Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking report is excellent and dispells the myth that optimizing a web page is a difficult process and one you need to fear or even hire an SEO Expert for.Thanks to your precise yet simple and detailed step-by-step instructions, with examples, screenshots and links, makes it possible for someone even with limited knowledge of html to optimise their web page for the search engines. Also the detailed information you provide, once the the web page optimization process is complete, to achieve search engine success is very valuable indeed.

Cynthia Minnaar
South Africa

  Hi Suzanne,

When it comes to SEO I carefully watch what you do because you have proved time and time again that you know how to get your websites ranked high in the search engines. This report is a step by step guide that every person no matter what their experience is should follow when optimizing their websites. I never fail to learn something new from you.

Thanks for sharing!
Jeff Casmer



This report is a must have for anyone who is even slightly confused about how to properly optimize a website for the best search engine results. Everyone should have this report. It is well laid out with real life examples and screenshots for demonstrations purposes. Very easy to understand.

I used to be scared of words like, title tags, meta tags, keyword density, sitemap, and latent semantic indexing…but not anymore. Thank you for putting this together! - Very helpful.

Ken Troyer

Take Care,
Ken Troyer, USA


Suzanne, I just want to take time out to thank you for all of the information you've provided in this great SEO ebook. Each page is up to date and is very easy to read. I have no more excuses! All of the basic and advance information I need to get ahead is in this ebook. I will read it again as well as come back to these pages when I need to.Thanks for all you've done and what you continue to do.

Truby Johnson, USA


This is the most action packed information for devouring search engine rankings. What you have developed here will take months and months off of researching and studying SEO. Each chapter gets better and better. This is a no BS report on gaining high rankings. Thank you.

Matt Belock

Matt Belock, USA


Hi Suzanne,

I just finished reading "3 Steps to Search Engine Success" and just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for all of the great tips you have written in this eBook. I have been using many of the techniques you talk about to get on page one of Google for thousands of keyword phrases and you are right on the money.

This is the most comprehensive, yet easy to understand, ebook I have read so far on getting a website to the top of the search engines. Thanks for the extra effort you have put into laying this out so anyone can do it.

Jeff Schuman

Jeff Schuman, USA


Amazing. I am impressed!

Suzanne Morrison's new SEO guide, 3 Steps to Search Engine Success, is completely updated to reflect technological advances and new paradigms in Internet Marketing, and is organized and presented with all levels of SEO experience in mind.

Suzanne's Ebook covers all the bases and presents the necessary steps to effective SEO in an easy to follow fashion designed to lead all existing and aspiring webmasters to online marketing success.

My online marketing efforts have improved measurably since following Suzanne's SEO recommendations.

I can see how the new 3 Steps to Search Engine Success will easily guide my Internet business to the next level... and beyond!

Having reviewed this newly updated SEO guide, I can say with confidence and enthusiasm, do pick up a copy today and don't delay. You may never need any other SEO book or guide.

GT Bulmer

GT Bulmer, Canada

  Hello Suzanne,

When I first came across Suzanne Morrison I was a total newbie to SEO, it was like another language to me. Now 7 months later, with a lot of help from Suzanne and also after reading her book my website is not only indexed in Google but has 84 pages indexed. I don't think that's bad going considering I've only been able to work on my online business part-time up until now. This is going to change in about a months time and I will be working online full-time.

Suzanne really knows what she is talking about when it comes to SEO and how to get you website ranked by Google. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn about SEO as she explains everything in easy to understand plain English.

Carol Aston, UK

  Dear Suzanne,

You have done it! At long last here is the definitive must have companion SEO blueprint Ebook.

I like your easy step by step style, multichoice examples and clear screenshots. This will assist anyone who acts on this advice improve their chances of success in their home business

Charles Boustany, UK

  Hi Suzanne,

I just finished reading your book, 3 Steps To Search Engine Success. It is the best book written about SEO that I have read.

Most SEO books are difficult to follow but not yours. I found it very clear, easy to follow and to the point. By using plain language you have made this a very valuable resource for newbies and experienced webmasters alike.

If you want to get your website on page one of Google then this is a must read. Thank you for such a valuable resource.

Tim Stokes

Tim Stokes, USA


Hi Suzanne,

Your "3 Steps To Search Engine Success" ebook certainly dispels the myth that Search Engine Optimization is difficult and something you need to employ an expert for.

Your easy to follow step-by-step detailed instructions and screenshots make it possible for anyone (including newbies) to implement and gain higher search engine rankings. I am certain many people will benefit greatly from all the extra information you have provided too.

Cynthia Minnaar

Cynthia Minnaar, South Africa


For anyone who is looking for an easy to follow and understand instruction manual, full of tried and tested SEO methods I would highly recommend 3 Steps To Search Engine Success by Suzanne Morrison. Within the very first page, it is clear that anyone (like myself) with little or no knowledge of SEO would be able to follow the methods and recommendations outlined.

Not only is the book easy to follow, but at each and every step there is an explanation as to the reasons behind why it is best to optimize in the ways indicated, clearing up some of the misconceptions of search engine optimization.

As far as I am concerned, I would recommend 3 Steps To Search Engine Success as a "Must Have" addition to any webmasters library.

I have purchased products by Suzanne Morrison before and in every case, the value has far outweighed my expectations.

Graham Maddison

Graham Maddison, UK


Hi Suzanne,

Great information that was laid out and explained exceptionally well. And in just three easy to follow steps!

Suzanne touches on all aspects of SEO and includes many links to tools that will make your SEO work much easier. I would suggest this ebook to all newbies wanting to know what SEO is, or for anyone looking to increase search engine rank to increase the traffic to their website.

Great product. Great value. Definitely worth the money.

Matt Helphrey, USA


Suzanne, I wanted to thank you for creating this wonderful ebook. Initially I didn't know anything about SEO and was afraid of that term. I actually thought I can't do it alone. Your ebook thought me everything I needed to know about search engine optimization and keyword research. You made me understand that everyone can do it and once you learn how to, it is very easy.

Thank you Suzanne for a great ebook and a wonderful service.

Tanny Lahav

Tanny Lahav, Isreal


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