The Best Spinner ReviewThe Best Spinner Review: Are you trying to find spinning software? Read The Best Spinner Review below to help you decide whether this is a good choice for you! There is also an exclusive bonus available – scroll down to see the details of this :-)

What is Article Spinning & Why Should You Do it?

First, in case you are unsure of what article spinning is, it basically allows you to randomly interchange words or phrases within an article to create many unique versions. I am not talking about horrible spammy versions that make no sense in English – I’m talking about good quality versions of the same article.

When you submit an identical article to article directories you are unlikely to get a backlink from each directory. This is because Google filters out a lot of identical pages from the search results. This makes sense as users of Google do not want to see pages and pages of identical results.

If you spin your article you can submit a unique version of your article to multiple article sites and increase the number of backlinks you receive for these submissions as a result. You can also put a unique version of the article on your own site, or use the software to spin a PLR article to turn it into unique content for your site.

Read The Best Spinner Review below to learn more about what it does.

What is The Best Spinner?

The Best Spinner is a desktop software tool that makes it much quicker and much easier to spin articles. At a basic level all you need to do is open the tool, paste an article into it and then start spinning. To spin, you just right click on a word or a group of words and select one or more alternatives from the menu. It took me just under 10 minutes to get this 614 word article spun by 32%.

The Best Spinner Review

Once you are done, you can then either generate a spun version of the article, or export it with whatever spin syntax you like. There are also a ton of other features such as:

  • The ability to check your article for uniqueness with copyscape
  • An auto rewrite feature (if you use this, you’ll need to proof read and correct the article afterwards though)
  • Multi Level Spinning (i.e. spinning within a phrase that has already been spun!)
  • Ability to spin full sentences, phrases or single words
  • Ability to save your favorite replacements and replace all of them in one article with a click of a button

The basic tool is pretty powerful, even if you don’t use any of the advanced features.

Download and Install of The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you have a Mac you will need to be running windows simulator software to use this.

The download and installation is very quick and straightforward. Once you’ve installed it you enter a special username and password and then you can start running the software straight away.

How Much is The Best Spinner?

The price for The Best Spinner is $7 for a  7 day trial and then $77 per year. The 7 day trial is a great way to try out the software and see whether or not it suits you.

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Pros and Cons of The Best Spinner

This Best Spinner Review wouldn’t be complete without a few pros and cons… The main advantage of this software for me was the speed and ease of use. I’ve tried a lot of different spinning tools and found many of them to be slow, cumbersome and full of strange suggestions for synonyms. I like the fact that I can take an article and create a version that is 30% unique within 5-10 minutes just by right clicking on words and phrases and selecting the appropriate synonyms.

I also like that the database is updated regularly with new words and that I can easily add my own suggestions. The ability to save your own list of favorites and quickly do a search and replace at the click of a button is also a huge time saver.

If you purchase The Best Spinner you’ll also be pleased to know that it is well supported and regularly updated. There’s a helpdesk, support forum, videos and regular software updates to fix bugs and add new features.

The main disadvantages are that the one click auto rewrite creates quite a few nonsense phrases (as you would expect for any one click rewriter) and that it doesn’t run on a Mac unless you have the Windows virtual machine.

Is The Best Spinner Right for You?

If you do any of the following you will find the best spinner useful:

  • Distribute articles to promote your website or blog.
  • Reuse distributed articles as content for your website or blog.
  • Publish PLR articles on your website or blog.

Bonus for The Best Spinner (worth $124)

If you decide to purchase The Best Spinner through my link I’ll send you the following bonuses.

The Best Spinner Bonus #1 Bonus #1 – Spin Ready Marketing with PLR (worth $27 )This bonus includes two EBooks. The first one – “Spin Ready Article Marketing” is an ideal accompanyment to the Best Spinner as it explains exactly what spinning is, what the pros and cons are, how to generate hundreds of backlinks from spinning, the most effective ways to submit articles and how to put your promotion on autopilot.The second ebook “Where to Submit Your Articles.” has a list of 1200 place to submit you articles.This comes with PLR, meaning you get the source docs and you can edit them, sell them, give them away or simply use them for your own education.
The Best Spinner Bonus Bonus #2 – 200 PLR Articles (worth $97) These top shelf PLR articles are dated September 2011 and include topics such as internet marketing, weightloss, dating & relationships, personal finance and home based business. You can add these articles to your website, put your name on them and pretty much do as you wish with them.

All you need to do to claim these bonuses is send your full name and email address to me after purchasing The Best Spinner. You can contact me here.

If you have any questions after after reading The Best Spinner Review above feel free to leave your question in the comment box below or contact me using the link above. Thanks for reading :-)

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