This is my review of Miracle Traffic Bot

Before I purchased this software I had a look around for other Miracle Traffic Bot Reviews. As I read these reviews I had the sneaking suspicion that a lot of people reviewing this product hadn’t actually bought it. There wasn’t much meat to these reviews – only things that you could probably work out by reading the sales copy!

I hope you will find this review to be different – it is written by someone who has actually bought and used this software. My aim is to give you enough information to help you decide whether or not this the product for you. The review contains criticisms of the software as well as outlining the benefits.

MiracleTraffic Bot

If you do decide to purchase, if you purchase through my link I will give you a valuable free gift You can choose between a free copy of my SEO  EBook 3 Steps to Search Engine Success EBook which sells on Clickbank for $37 OR you can get a free copy of the EBook Get More Backlinks which also sells for $37. Just contact me with your full name or Clickbank receipt ID and I will send you a copy.

What is It? – In a nutshell Miracle Traffic Bot is software that allows you to automatically:

– submit your articles to article directories

– submit web pages to social bookmarking sites

– submit videos to video sites.

To get your money’s worth from this product you really need to have your own website or blog and be interested in increasing traffic.

How Much is it? – The current launch price is $77. The regular price is $297, but it is not totally clear when the price will move back up again.  There is also a special offer to subscribe to a membership called “Miracle Traffic Bot” premium membership at no cost for your first month. I took this option to have a look at it. The good thing is, the membership subscription is via Clickbank so it is really easy to cancel (I am wary about putting subscriptions on my credit card as certain companies can be notoriously difficult to contact and cancel, but thankfully Clickbank makes it very easy)

Sales Process – It is pretty quick and easy to purchase Miracle Traffic Bot. The only annoying thing (apart from the lady in the video) is that you get 3 One Time Offers after purchase. Personally I always feel that one is enough, but I clicked the no thankyou box with relative ease and within a few minutes I had my download links.

Download – You need to ensure you have a PDF reader, Adobe Flash and software to unzip your files. These are all free and there are download links to these in the download area. The download was quick and easy. I have a broadband connection and it took a few seconds to download and extract the files.

Installation – The installation was easy – just extracted the zip file and double clicked on the installer. It took less than a minute to install (on my Windows Vista PC). Once installed (no restart required) I opened the software and entered my email address to register the purchase.

The Software – The software works on Windows so if you have a Mac, you will only be able to use this if you are running Windows Emulation software. When you open the software there are three tabs – one for article submission, one for social bookmarking and one for video submission. There are four videos inside the members area – one that explains how to register with the article directories and another 3 that explain the video, social bookmarking and article submission functions.  Being lazy, I didn’t watch the videos  – it’s pretty easy to work out how to use the software once you have logged in.

Article Submission Software– The first thing you need to do is save your username and password for each of the article directories. This is the most time consuming part, but you only need to do it once. You may already have logins for these directories so this will speed things up. This will probably take you around 10 minutes if you already have logins to these sites, or around an hour or so if you don’t.

There are 10 article directories including,,,,,,,, and These range from page rank 0 up to page rank 5.

As a test I entered an article (see the screenshot above) and submitted it to all the directories. The software worked at lightning speed and had submitted to all the directories within one minute. Two of the article submissions failed, but these were left checked and I discovered that one of the failures was due to wrong login info, so I corrected this and submitted again for this one. I am not sure about the other failure.

Overall I was impressed, but it would have been good to see the reason for the failure of the one directory that I couldn’t submit to.

Social Bookmarking Software – The social bookmarking tool is very similar to the article submission. You start by adding your login details for the websites – there are 10 bookmarking sites including,,,,,,,, and Again it will take you 10 minutes or so if you already have an account with these or around an hour if you don’t.

Once you have registered it is just a case of adding your URL, Title, Tags and a description and then hitting the submit button. The submission

It’s pretty quick, taking less than 1 minute again, but you can get the same functionality for free at Onlywire, so I think they really need to add more sites to be effective.

There is also video submission software. I have not tried this yet, but it submits to 10 video websites in exactly the same way as the social bookmarking and article submission tools.

Pros – The software is very lightweight, simple and very newbie friendly. I am pretty sure anyone could use this due to its simplicity.  It does what it says on the tin, which is to build backlinks quickly and automatically.

Cons – I am a little underwhelmed at the number of sites in there. There are a total of 10 sites each for the article, social bookmarking and video submission.  I think for this price, there should have been at least double that many sites.

Verdict – A slick piece of software that is easy to use and very quick. After you’ve written an article it will take you just 1-2 minutes to submit it to 10 directories, which will save a lot of time. BUT.. the glaring hole in the product is the low number of of directories to submit to – if it wasn’t for the lack of directories I would be recommending this product, but for this reason, I do not think it is worth the money. I personally prefer  SubmitYourArticle and OnlyWire to this software. SubmitYourArticle is more expensive with its monthly fee so if you are on a budget you may be better Miracle Traffic Bot, since it just has a one-time fee. But if you want a software submitter with a larger number of directories, you’d be worth paying a little bit extra and going for Article Post Robot instead.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Miracle Traffic Bot, but if you feel I have missed something important or if you have a question please comment below and I’ll do my best to answer it.

Remember if you do decide to purchase Miracle Traffic Bot you can do so through this link and you’ll get my EBook for free.

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