Many people overlook the power of forum link building  but it has a lot of benefits and is a great way to get targeted traffic while building backlinks. I say the only down fall is that it can be very time consuming to do this right!

There is definitely no shortage of niche forums – you can find a forum in practically any subject you can think of these days!

You can instantly build a good reputation in these communities and reach out to your prospects with just a few forum posts and a very enticing signature that shows them the links to your website.

Remember to start off slow when jumping into a conversation at these forums because the advocates in the group will notice your trying to sell something from the start! It’s important to be discreet and find some common ground with people!

You don’t want to bust onto the scene, spamming the threads with a lot of “me, too!” responses, because it won’t be long before you find yourself banned or simply ignored.

Be helpful, share tips, resources and information, and approach forum link building in a similar way that you would approach social networking, by offering help and slowly building awareness of your brand.

To search for forums in your niche market just do a Google search for the name of your niche  + forums. E.g. “Dog Training Forums”. Just replace “dog training” with your main keyword and dozens of forums will pop up for your niche!

When creating your signature box, be sure to feature a free report or resource to entice people to click your link in the same way that you would create your article marketing resource boxes. Include your keywords in the anchor text of your link.

The easiest way to direct traffic to your website from a forum is by offering something of value, at no cost.

Focus on building a list of active subscribers that you can follow up with in the future with both free content, balanced out with promotional offers.

Ideally you should participate in forum link building in conjunction with other types of link building e.g. article marketing, directory submission, press releases, social bookmarking and so on.

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