If you regularly check the number of backlinks to your own site or to competitors’ websites, you may have already noticed that Yahoo Site Explorer disappeared in the last month! Unfortunately this also meant that many of the online backlink checkers stopped working as well. If you’ve been looking for alternatives to Yahoo Site Explorer, this post will cover a few different options for you.

The reason why Yahoo Site Explorer disappeared was because of the merge with Bing. Unfortunately Bing requires you to set up an account with them in order to use the backlink checker and it only allows you to check the backlinks to your own websites. This means that it does not allow you to check competitor backlinks.

Here are my recommended alternatives to Yahoo Site Explorer:


OPTION #1 – Open Site Explorer

YahooSite Explorer AlternativesSummary – Open site Explorer is part of SEOMoz, a suite of SEO tools. The site explorer is accessible online without the need to login or create an account and gives you fast information about the number of backlinks to your site and up to 4 competitors.

As well as backlink count, there are also other stats including a score for your domain, a list of the backlinks along with their score, the anchor text used in your backlinks and the unique domains  that are linking to you (linking root domains).

Pros -Very fast, lots of detail about the links and it can be useful to compare your domain score to other domains to get an idea of how good your site is compared to your competitors.

Cons – You can’t access all the tools without a membership. However, the backlink information is sufficient for doing a quick competitive analysis.


OPTION #2 – Blekko
Blekko - Yahoo Site Explorer AlternativeSummaryBlekko is one of the simplest and quickest ways to check backlinks to your website and other websites. You need to register first and confirm your email address. Once you’ve done that it is pretty easy to use – just enter your URL (or the URL of your competitor) and add “/SEO” after it. You’ll then see a backlink count and a few other nice statistics.

Pros – Free, Fast, Easy to Use

Cons – Registration required, doesn’t show much detail.


OPTION #3 – AHrefs

AHrefs - backlinks checkerSummaryAhrefs is another online tool that gives some good data on backlinks. It shows more backlinks than Blekko and provides a lot of other information as well including historical graphs.

Pros – Free, Fast, Easy to Use

Cons – A maximum of 10 searches per day for free users. If you want more, you need to pay.



OPTION #4 – Traffic Travis
Alternatives to Yahoo Site Explorer

SummaryTraffic Travis is a full suite of SEO tools and includes a backlink checker. This is a paid tool, but they do have a free version that you can download. You may also want to read my Traffic Travis Review.

Pros – As well as getting a high level overview of backlinks for a keyword, you can also get a list of all the backlinks to your site – a good way to find out where your competitors are getting their backlinks from!

Cons – Not as quick to use as the above two, as you need to start up the software and wait at least a few minutes for it to do the analysis.



OPTION #5 – Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer:
Yahoo Site Explorer AlternativesSummary – This is my favorite SEO tool. It doesn’t give a count of backlinks for a website, but it does give the best set of competitive analysis for a set of keywords and enables you to make an educated choice about a keyword. All you need to do is you download some keywords from the Google Adwords keyword tool, load them into Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer, hit the start button and go off and do something else for a while. It takes around an hour or so for 100 keywords, but comes back with average page rank of the sites on page one for each keyword, total competing sites, commercial viability and a keyword rating. You can read more in my Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Review.

Pros – A wealth of valuable data that can be easily sorted. I have found a few keyword gems using this tool.

Cons – It’s not free and it’s not very fast.

In addition to the above you can also use Bing and Google webmaster accounts. Both of these will give you very comprehensive information, but this will be restricted to your own websites only.

I hope this post helped you to find some alternatives to Yahoo site explorer and please feel free to post below if you have any more suggestions!

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