Google Penguin Algorithm UpdateDid you lose rankings in the recent Google Penguin algorithm update? If so, you are certainly not alone. You just need to look at the comments on Matt Cutts’s blog post to see how many people are impacted by this. There are over 900 comments so far, which is a lot, considering that the majority of people who read blogs won’t actually leave a comment.

In this post I’d like to tell you about a free report that I have written to help you recover from the Google Penguin algorithm update. First though, I have to write a disclaimer (sorry)! At this point it has been a mere two weeks since the algorithm change and I feel that it is not possible for anyone to know for sure exactly how to recover a site that was impacted by this update. It can take weeks or even months to test out theories and confirm that these theories are actually correct.

My thoughts and recommendations are based on my own analysis and the analysis of others. I will be following these recommendations myself for the sites I have that were impacted by Google Penguin, but I cannot guarantee that you will necessarily recover your website by following these recommendations.

If you have a website that has lost traffic as a result of Google Penguin I imagine you have no doubt done a fair amount of research yourself. You will probably come across a lot of people in forums who either claim that they have the answers or berate other people for using “spam” tactics. I don’t think it is wise to listen to anyone who bases their conclusions from one or two websites, nor do I think it is fair to assume that people who lost their rankings were engaging in spam tactics.

I’ve seen first hand many high quality original websites that have lost rankings as a result of over optimizing the anchor text in their backlinks. This is a tactic that has worked well and has been necessary to use if you wanted to gain page one results in Google over the last 10 years.

Suddenly the Google algorithm has turned it’s sensitivity to anchor text up a notch and this has left a lot of great websites buried deep in the Google SERPS. Yes, it has also got rid of a number of spammy websites, but at the same time a lot of amazing content has now been buried!

If this has affected you in any way, you may want to have a read of my “Penguinized” report. This report is free to download and if you are a subscriber of mine you will have already received an email from me with the details of how to download this.
How to recover from Google Penguin

You can download a copy of my FREE Penguinized report here.

In this report I cover:

  • The background to Google Penguin
  • What caused all these websites to lose their rankings
  • A 4 step approach to recovery
  • The 6 things that you MUST do when building links from now on
  • How to analyze your backlinks and determine a course of action

I hope you find this useful and please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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