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Stealth Keyword Digger Review + Bonus

This is a review of Alex Safie’s new software Stealth Keyword Digger. If you’ve not heard of Alex Safie, he is the creator of the Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer software, a tool that helps you to assess the competition for your keywords.

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of the Stealth Keyword Digger software to test out and use for myself.

Below you’ll find my Stealth Keyword Digger Review to help you decide if this software could be useful to you. Also, scroll down for agreat bonus if you decide to buy this software.


What is Stealth Keyword Digger?

Stealth Keyword Digger is a tool that allows you to find hundreds or thousands of keywords for your niche. This tool is ideal if you need a huge list of long tail keywords for your blog posts or articles, or if you want to find some keyword gems that you’ve never thought of before. Here is a screenshot of the software:

Stealth Keyword Digger Review

It’s very simple to use – all you need to do is enter a keyword to start with and then optionally select a country and whether or not you want the tool to only find keywords that are closely related. You then hit the start button and leave it running in the background.

After half an hour or so you’ll find a big list of your keywords along with the number of searches per month for each keyword. You can  then export them to a spreadsheet for further analysis. When you export the keywords you can choose to export the ones that have a number of searches per month between a certain number. So if you wanted to you could export the keywords with <1000 searches per month to one spreadsheet, 1000-5000 to another spreadsheet and >5000 to another spreadsheet.

You can view your keywords in the spreadsheet or if you own Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer you can import them to this tool to do your competitive analysis.


How do You Install the Software?

The software runs on a PC, so if you have a Mac you will need to run some Windows emulation software. Once you download the software, just double click on it to start the installation and then once it is installed you’ll need to enter your own unique key to get it to work. You’ll also need a Google Adwords account to use the software, but you can get this for free without a credit card.


Is any Training Provided?

The software comes with a short training video that explains how to use it and gives some examples. As the software is very simple to use you’ll probably find that you don’t have any problems.


What are the Pros and Cons of Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer?

The main advantages of this software are:

  • You’ll probably find some amazing keywords that you otherwise would never have found
  • It’s excellent for getting long tail keyword ideas.
  • It’s very simple to use – no real learning curve.
  • It saves you a lot of manual work.
  • It’s very robust.
  • Compatible with Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer

Disadvantages are:

  • You have to wait a while for the results (although it’s much better than doing it manually!)
  • If you are planning on using the software heavily (many times per day) you will need to set up a few different adwords accounts


Overall Verdict

I highly recommend this software to anyone who has a website and regularly adds content to it, or writes articles to promote their site. it will certainly give you a competitive advantages as you’ll be able to find lots of excellent keywords.


Bonus – Google Plus Domination Training worth $17 (with MRR)

If you decide to purchase the Stealth Keyword Digger software, I’ll give you this brand new training course on Google Plus, along with the master resale rights license. This sells for $17 elsewhere and you can use the course to learn how to use Google Plus to your advantage and/or sell the course yourself and keep all the profits.

The course was just released this month, so all the information is up to date. If you want to know more about this bonus, take a look at the Google Plus Domination sales page here.

Just contact me on my helpdesk with your PayPal email address or transaction ID and I’ll send you the download link.

I hope that you found this Stealth Keyword Digger Review to be helpful and please feel free to make a comment below if you have any questions. Click here to find out more about the Stealth Keyword Digger.

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The Best Spinner Review + Bonus

The Best Spinner ReviewThe Best Spinner Review: Are you trying to find spinning software? Read The Best Spinner Review below to help you decide whether this is a good choice for you! There is also an exclusive bonus available – scroll down to see the details of this :-)

What is Article Spinning & Why Should You Do it?

First, in case you are unsure of what article spinning is, it basically allows you to randomly interchange words or phrases within an article to create many unique versions. I am not talking about horrible spammy versions that make no sense in English – I’m talking about good quality versions of the same article.

When you submit an identical article to article directories you are unlikely to get a backlink from each directory. This is because Google filters out a lot of identical pages from the search results. This makes sense as users of Google do not want to see pages and pages of identical results.

If you spin your article you can submit a unique version of your article to multiple article sites and increase the number of backlinks you receive for these submissions as a result. You can also put a unique version of the article on your own site, or use the software to spin a PLR article to turn it into unique content for your site.

Read The Best Spinner Review below to learn more about what it does.

What is The Best Spinner?

The Best Spinner is a desktop software tool that makes it much quicker and much easier to spin articles. At a basic level all you need to do is open the tool, paste an article into it and then start spinning. To spin, you just right click on a word or a group of words and select one or more alternatives from the menu. It took me just under 10 minutes to get this 614 word article spun by 32%.

The Best Spinner Review

Once you are done, you can then either generate a spun version of the article, or export it with whatever spin syntax you like. There are also a ton of other features such as:

  • The ability to check your article for uniqueness with copyscape
  • An auto rewrite feature (if you use this, you’ll need to proof read and correct the article afterwards though)
  • Multi Level Spinning (i.e. spinning within a phrase that has already been spun!)
  • Ability to spin full sentences, phrases or single words
  • Ability to save your favorite replacements and replace all of them in one article with a click of a button

The basic tool is pretty powerful, even if you don’t use any of the advanced features.

Download and Install of The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you have a Mac you will need to be running windows simulator software to use this.

The download and installation is very quick and straightforward. Once you’ve installed it you enter a special username and password and then you can start running the software straight away.

How Much is The Best Spinner?

The price for The Best Spinner is $7 for a  7 day trial and then $77 per year. The 7 day trial is a great way to try out the software and see whether or not it suits you.

Click here to find out more about this special deal.

Pros and Cons of The Best Spinner

This Best Spinner Review wouldn’t be complete without a few pros and cons… The main advantage of this software for me was the speed and ease of use. I’ve tried a lot of different spinning tools and found many of them to be slow, cumbersome and full of strange suggestions for synonyms. I like the fact that I can take an article and create a version that is 30% unique within 5-10 minutes just by right clicking on words and phrases and selecting the appropriate synonyms.

I also like that the database is updated regularly with new words and that I can easily add my own suggestions. The ability to save your own list of favorites and quickly do a search and replace at the click of a button is also a huge time saver.

If you purchase The Best Spinner you’ll also be pleased to know that it is well supported and regularly updated. There’s a helpdesk, support forum, videos and regular software updates to fix bugs and add new features.

The main disadvantages are that the one click auto rewrite creates quite a few nonsense phrases (as you would expect for any one click rewriter) and that it doesn’t run on a Mac unless you have the Windows virtual machine.

Is The Best Spinner Right for You?

If you do any of the following you will find the best spinner useful:

  • Distribute articles to promote your website or blog.
  • Reuse distributed articles as content for your website or blog.
  • Publish PLR articles on your website or blog.

Bonus for The Best Spinner (worth $124)

If you decide to purchase The Best Spinner through my link I’ll send you the following bonuses.

The Best Spinner Bonus #1 Bonus #1 – Spin Ready Marketing with PLR (worth $27 )This bonus includes two EBooks. The first one – “Spin Ready Article Marketing” is an ideal accompanyment to the Best Spinner as it explains exactly what spinning is, what the pros and cons are, how to generate hundreds of backlinks from spinning, the most effective ways to submit articles and how to put your promotion on autopilot.The second ebook “Where to Submit Your Articles.” has a list of 1200 place to submit you articles.This comes with PLR, meaning you get the source docs and you can edit them, sell them, give them away or simply use them for your own education.
The Best Spinner Bonus Bonus #2 – 200 PLR Articles (worth $97) These top shelf PLR articles are dated September 2011 and include topics such as internet marketing, weightloss, dating & relationships, personal finance and home based business. You can add these articles to your website, put your name on them and pretty much do as you wish with them.

All you need to do to claim these bonuses is send your full name and email address to me after purchasing The Best Spinner. You can contact me here.

If you have any questions after after reading The Best Spinner Review above feel free to leave your question in the comment box below or contact me using the link above. Thanks for reading :-)

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Backlink Profit Monster 2.0 Review + Bonus

Backlink Profit MonsterLooking for a review of Backlink Profit Monster 2.0? If you know anything about search engine optimization you will know that getting high quality backlinks are key to getting a good ranking in Google and the other search engines. On July 18th a brand new version of a very popular SEO tool was launched – Backlink Profit Monster 2.0.

This is unlike any other SEO tool released before and allows you to do something that will allow you to get ahead of your competitors and to the top of the search engines. Here is a review of Backlink Profit Monster to help you to decide whether this software should be part of your SEO toolkit.


What is Backlink Profit Monster?

It’s a piece of software that runs on the desktop of your computer and allows you to spy on your competitors and find out exactly where they are getting their backlinks from. You can find all their backlinks and filter them to find the best ones, using page rank, do follow/no follow.


How do You Use Backlink Profit Monster 2.0?

This is best explained by video:

It’s pretty simple and involves entering your main keywords first. The software then returns the sites on page one for your keywords. You can then select the site that you want to check the backlinks for and it will go away and find all these backlinks. Next just filter the backlinks on “page rank” or “do follow” to find the ones that interest you most. You can then export these to a file and go ahead and replicate the backlinks.


What Platform does Backlink Profit Monster run on?

It runs on a Windows PC, but will also run on a Mac if you have Windows Parallel installed.


How Much is it?

Currently the price is set to be a one time fee of $97.


What sort of Support is Provided?

There are a number of videos explaining how to use Backlink Profit Monster and a support email that offers a response time of a few hours within business hours. You’ll also get lifetime updates to this software.


 The Verdict

This software is essential if you need to beat these sites that are above you in Google. You can do all of this manually but it would probably take you a few days to organize all the data.

Backlink Profit Monster 2.0 Bonuses (worth over $100)

If you decide to purchase Backlink Profit Monster 2.0 through this link I will send you some bonuses worth over $100.

1) A copy of both my SEO EBook and SEO Report, which sell on Clickbank for a combined total of $37

2) A free copy of my Backlink Building EBook worth $37

3) A free copy of the Rapid Indexer Software worth $27 (this creates over 100 new backlinks to your site automatically)

Just contact me to request this bonus! Put “Backlink Profit Monster Bonus” in the subject so I can easily spot your request.

If you have any questions after reading this Backlink Profit Monster Review please feel free to comment below.

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A few weeks ago I purchased an amazingly powerful, but simple keyword research tool called Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer by Alex Safie. At the time of writing this tool is still available on the Warrior forum at a special low price! You can view the WSO here. I’m not sure how long it will be available as a WSO, so if it sounds like it will be useful to you be sure to check it out sooner rather than later.

I’ve been having a lot of success with this tool so I decided to write a Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Review so you can quickly see how this works and what the pros and cons are.

What is Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer?

In a nutshell it’s keyword research software that allows you to analyze the competition of a list of keywords taken from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. If you’ve done any keyword research you’ll already know that the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a free tool that provides you with keyword suggestions and allows you to see how many searches per month on Google each keyword gets.

The major downside of the free Google Adwords tool is that it does not provide you with enough information about the competition. It does give you a little adwords competition bar, but you need to manually go into Google for every keyword that you are interested in and do lots of different checks to find out how competitive that keyword is. If you are deciding between 20 different keywords this could easily take you over an hour (or more if you are being thorough).

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer allows you to get all the information you need about a keyword automatically. If you have a big list of keywords, it is going to take time to gather this information, but the important point is: all you need to do is load in your list of keywords from the Google Adwords tool and press the start button!

What Information is Provided by this Tool?
Once the tool has finished collecting data you are presented with a table of information

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Screenshot

The keywords can be sorted on any column of your choice. Columns include:

  • Keyword
  • Searches per Month
  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • Competing Pages (this is the number of web pages found in Google when you search in quotes for that keyword)
  • Real Competing Pages
  • CP Strength (a score to indicate the strength of the competition)
  • Average PR (the average Google Page Rank of the sites on the first page of Google Results
  • PR Strength (a score to indicate the strength of the Google Page Rank e.g. Very High, High, Moderate, Low or Very Low)
  • Competition Strength (a score to indicate the strength of the Competition e.g. Very High, High, Moderate, Low or Very Low)
  • Commercial (does this keyword have commercial intent i.e. will it make you money?)
  • Ad Count (the number of Google Ads for this keyword on the first page of results)
  • Keyword Rating (an overall rating for the keyword e.g. Amazing, Great, Good, Bad or Terrible)

The good thing about this is that if you are in a rush or if you are just a beginner and need help, you can look at the keyword rating to get an idea of how good this keyword is. If you have more time and are a little bit more knowledgeable about keyword research you can look at all the other fields that interest you and sort by each column to quickly see which keywords are the best.

Are there any Cons of Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer?

The main disdvantage is that the results are not calculated instantly. For example it took around 1 hour on my PC to generate all the competition analysis for 150 keywords. Fortunately you can do other things on your computer while running this tool – I’ve found it doesn’t slow anything down that I am doing.

One minor disadvantage is that the rating for the keyword does not seem to take into account the number of searches per month – it only considers the competition. So I could have this tool tell me that I have an “Amazing” keyword even though it only gets 100 searches per month. This is certainly not a showstopper by any means as it is easy enough to use some common sense to decide whether or not the keyword is something that you want to use based on the search volume.

What are the Pros of Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer?

The main advantage of this software is that it presents you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about your keywords. The simplicity of the tool combined with the power of the data allows it to be used by both beginners and experts.

I love the fact that it shows competition in 3 different ways – competing pages, real competition and Google page rank. This means that you are covering all bases when you pick that all important keyword for your home page.

Another benefit is that you don’t need to read a big training manual to use this tool. It’s very simple and intuitive.

Finally, it’s very robust. I’ve been using it a LOT over the last few weeks and it’s never once hung or crashed on me!

How Much is It?

At the moment Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer is available for a one time fee of $27.

I hope you found this Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Review to be useful and feel free to post below if you have any questions.

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AffiloJetPack Review + Bonus

Mark Ling’s AffiloJetPack is released on July 26th at 12noon. If you are thinking of buying it you probably want to read some AffiloJetPack reviews and learn a bit more about it to see whether or not it is right for you.

It’s also worth knowing that many people are offering AffiloJetPack Bonuses for anyone who purchases the product through their link.

I’ve spent a while looking over this product and have found it to be top notch and of excellent quality. It’s ideal for people who are new to internet marketing, or for people who continue to try and fail.

You can read my AffiloJetPack Review here to find out more about it.

If you are looking for an AffiloJetPack bonus, it is worth bearing in mind that many people are offering bonuses that they claim to be worth thousands of dollars. In many cases these are simply packages of master resale rights or PLR products that you can find on any MRR membership site for around $20.

My business partner Ken Troyer and I have decided to offer a much more valuable AffiloJetPack bonus. We run an affiliate marketing coaching membership site and we have decide to offer a full 6 month membership to anyone who purchases AffiloJetPack from us.

You can read more about our AffiloJetPack Bonus here and if you have any questions feel free to post a comment below!

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Build My Rank Review

IMPORTANT NOTE – As of March 2012, BMR has closed it’s doors as much of its private blog network has been de-indexed. This has also occurred with many other private blog networks, so it is no longer a viable method of link building. If you have been using BMR, the safest thing would be to remove your links from the network and download your content to use elsewhere. Links from deindexed sites have no value and since the BMR network is now seen by Google as an unnatural way of building links, I believe that it is safest to remove your links from here. This method worked well for a couple of years but as with many backlinking techniques it is no longer viable.

I’ve left my original review below, but just ignore it now :-)

Review of Build My Rank (from 2011)

Like any website owner I am always looking for new ways to build quality backlinks in as little time as possible. Last month I discovered a new  link building tool called Build My Rank, which has made a huge difference to my search engine results. For a whole month, as a test I stopped submitting articles and focused solely on using Build My Rank for two of my websites. Below you’ll find a review of Build My Rank including a summary of my results for these websites.

Review of Build My Rank

What is Build My Rank?
Build My Rank allows you to easily get links on blogs with page ranks ranging from 1-7. It is a members only private blog network that allows you to post unique content to blogs and include a link in your blog post.  The content must be at least 150 words in length and can contain one link per 150 words. This means that you can post a 150 word blog post with one link, or a 300 word blog post with 2 links and so on.

To make a post you simply login to your Build My Rank account and enter the post title, category and type in or copy and paste your 150 words of content along with your link. This is then queued for review and then posted to one of the blogs in the private network (usually within a few hours or less). If you have a lot of posts written you can also upload them in bulk using a CSV file.

What do you Get with a Build My Rank Membership?
A Build My Rank membership allows you to add up to 5 domains to your account and you can post anything up to 10 blog posts per day, per domain. You can schedule your posts so that they happen once per day, 1-3 times per day, 4-6 times per day or 7-10 times per day. Each 150 word post you make gets you a link from a blog in the network. Each link is permanent, so if you decide to close your membership you do not lose any links.

If you don’t want to write posts yourself you can outsource the posts to their staff at a cost of $2.50 per post. However, I found it surprisingly easy to write a 150 word post – much easier than writing a 400 word article. Once I’d thought of a subject it typically takes me around 4-6 minutes to write a post.

In addition to being posted on high PR blogs, each blog post you make has an excellent chance of being indexed and there is a rate of around 95% of blog post indexing for their network.

My Results with Build My Rank
For competition reasons I won’t go into the actual domains and keywords, but I basically focused on two domains for the month and targeted around 10 keywords in total. Here are  the details for 5 of them:

1) Site 1 – keyword 1 with 33,100 searches per month and 119 million competing pages in Google (exact match)
2) Site 1 – keyword 2 with 880 searches per month and 1.65 million competing pages in Google (exact match)
3) Site 1 – keyword 3 with 14,800 searches per month and 346,000 competing pages in Google (exact match)
4) Site 2 – keyword 1 with 1300 searches per month and 133,000 competing pages in Google (exact match)
5) Site 2 – keyword 2 with 2900 searches per month in Google and 135,000 competing pages in Google (exact match)

After 4 weeks of link building I had achieved a total of 137 backlinks, made up of 30 PR1 links, 52 PR2 links, 32 PR3 links, 17 PR4 links, 3 PR5 links, 2 PR6 links and 1 PR7 links. When I login to Build My Rank it’s shown on a nice pie chart:
Build My Rank Screenshot

For site 1, keyword 1 had moved from position #39 in Google to position #13 in Google (up 26). Keyword 2 had moved from position 12 in Google to position 8 in Google (up 4) and keyword 3 had moved from position 2 to position 1.

For site 2, keyword 1 had moved from position #9 in Google to position #3 in Google (up 6) and keyword 2 had moved from position 12 in Google to position 6 (up 6 places).

I was very pleased with these results, especially given the short amount of time I spent building links and I’ve definitely seen more movement in search engine rankings than I normally would with a month of article marketing, despite the fact that some of these were “stubborn” keywords that I’ve been trying to get onto page 1 for a while now!

How Much Is Build My Rank?
I imagine you are probably wondering how much it costs to use the Build My Rank Service. The good news is that you can get a free 14 day trial so you can test the system for yourself. This only allows you 10 links, but it is a good way to test drive the system and get a few free links in the process.

After that prices start at $59 per month for 5 domains, with a limit of 10 links per day, per domain. Payment is via Paypal so it is easy to manage your subscription.

They also have an outsourcing service where you can have their staff write posts for you at a cost of $2.50 per post. I’ve used this once and the quality was ok, but not perfect.

Pros and Cons of build My Rank
First the cons:

  • Content must be 100% unique (although this is also a benefit as it means that your links are far more likely to be indexed)
  • Each post is only distributed to one blog – you can’t spin it and submit it to multiple blogs. This probably ensures that the quality is higher

and the pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Noticable difference in my search engine rankings after just a few posts for each keyword
  • Nice dashboard showing your stats for indexed posts, blog posts etc.
  • Quick review of posts

The Verdict
This is definitely the best link building method that I have used to date based on my results so far and the price is pretty reasonable as well. I’m still going to be using other methods of link building as diversity is always a good thing, but this will be my main focus as long as it continues to work.

Is it Right For You?

If you have a website that you want to get ranked highly and you can afford the monthly fee, I’d highly recommend that you at least take the 14 day free trial to give it a test drive. If you like it, upgrade as soon as you have made your 10 posts. Providing you are committed to write regular posts or outsource them you should earn back your expenses reasonably quickly with the increased traffic.

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Traffic Travis 4.0 Review + Bonus

Traffic Travis 4.0

Updated April 2012
: Traffic Travis 4.0 is the latest and greates version of the Traffic Travis software.  I’ve written a review for you below including some comparisons between version 3.0 and 4.0. If you’ve already decided to buy it, you may be interested in the bonuses I am offering (worth $175). Just scroll to the bottom to find out more…

The Traffic Travis review below covers the professional version of Traffic Travis 4.0.  You can also get a copy of the Free trial edition, so this is a good way to test it out first before buying. Although, do be aware that the pro version has a lot more features than the  free version.

What is Traffic Travis?
Traffic Travis is user friendly search engine optimization (SEO) software that can help you to get good rankings in the search engines. It allows you to quickly do market research, keyword research, web page SEO analysis, link building and pay per click ad monitoring. You download the software and run it on your computer.

Who is it for?
Traffic Travis is for anyone who is thinking of setting up a website, or anyone who currently has a website or blog and wants to improve their position in the search engines or improve their pay per click marketing. To make money from a website you need traffic and this is the focus of the Traffic Travis software. The good thing about this tool is its simplicity. It’s laid out in a way that makes it very easy for beginners to use, but at the same time you can drill down and see detailed analysis of everything, which can be very useful if you are a more experienced user.

Here’s a screenshot of me using the dashboard for one of my websites. I opened this up and quickly pasted in 50 of my keywords to see where I was ranking for each of them.

Traffic Travis Dashboard

What does it do?
When you open up the Traffic Travis software you’re presented with 5 different menu tabs:

  • Dashboard – this screen shows you an overview of your current project (website). It tells you at a glance your page rank, Alexa ranking, top #5 keywords, number of backlinks, number of pages indexed and the top 5 backlinks. You can see a screenshot of this above.
  • My Site Tab – This tab lists all the pages on your site (taken from your sitemap, or manually entered) and shows the total number of backlinks for each page, the page rank and the number of SEO warnings on each page. If you double click on the warnings you’ll see some suggestions from Traffic Travis for improving the SEO on that page.
  • SEO Tab – this tab shows all your keywords and where you rank in all the major search engines including Google, Bing and  Yahoo. The results are printed in nice table which you can sort to easily look at your best rankings. You can also compare your current and previous positions. It also allows you to view competition data for other websites ranking for the keywords you are going for. For the top domains you’ll get the page rank, domain age, backlink count and various on page optimization statistics. You’ll also get a difficulty rating based on these results. You can click on the “backlinks” link and enter a specific URL such as your home page or another URL and then view all the individual backlinks to these pages including data such as page rank, link count and page authority. You can also see the breakdown of your links including the number of links from certain IP addresses, page ranks and with certain anchor text.
  • Research Tab – enter a keyword and quickly see a list of keywords that contain that keyword along  with the number of searches per day on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • PPC Tab – this allows you to check the number of advertisers for a particular keyword phrase and track these over a period of time. If you see a lot of churn for a particular keyword this is an indication that it is hard to make a profit for that keyword for the current price.

I found the SEO Analysis and Rank checking tools to be the most useful and was impressed at how quickly the tools gathered information. Here is a screenshot of me checking the rankings of one of my websites.

Traffic Travis 4.0 Rank Check Screenshot

How Much is It?
The price of the Traffic Travis 4.0 Pro Version is a one time fee of $97. If you are on a tight budget they also have a free version of the software which allows you to use some of the features, but only returns a limited number of results and doesn’t allow you to save reports or receive any support.

Traffic Travis Download

You can download a free version of Traffic Travis 3.0 quickly and easily or you can go ahead and order Traffic Travis 4.0 Pro.

The download and installation is pretty straightforward – just download a zip file, extract the files from it then run the .exe file. It takes a few minutes for the software to install and the database to update. After that you need to enter your registration code and you’re ready to go! The software only runs on a Windows PC, so if you have a Mac you’ll need to have some Windows emulation software if you want to use this.

Traffic Travis Support
There’s a good support area available for users of Traffic Travis and here you’ll find an FAQ and a support contact form. If you select “Help” from within the Traffic Travis software you can also watch videos that explain how to use the software.You can also click on the red “give feedback” button from within the software to report a problem directly.

When you first start the software a video will appear for each of the tabs that you use in the software. You can either watch these first or close them if you prefer to play around yourself.

Difference Between Version 3.0 and 4.0

The main difference between vesion 3.0 and version 4.0 is that version 4.0 has lots of new features and options available. This gives it a lot more power especially for advanced users, but not at the detriment of the simplicity of the software. New features in Traffic Travis 4.0 include:

  • Enhanced Keyword Research – there is a big improvement in thekeyword research feature between version 3.0 and 4.0.
  • More Detailed Competition Analysis
  • Domain Name Availability Search for Multiple Keywords
  • Comparison of Backlinks for multiple websites at once

Pros and Cons of Traffic Travis

Overall I really liked this software and will definitely continue to use it for my monthly ranking checks. The software is very quick compared to others that I’ve used and the interface is very clean and simple, so it is easy for beginners to use. I spotted a couple of very minor glitches/bugs when I was running the software, e.g. it didn’t shut down fully when I exited, but I expect these things will be ironed out over time since it is very early days for version 4.0.

I would have liked some filtering ability in the rank checking tool so I could easily view all my rankings from a single search engine and I would have liked to be able to choose exact match when doing keyword research, but apart from that I couldn’t find much to dislike.

Free or Paid Version?

If you are unsure about this, then I recommend trying the free version first as it has enough features for you to get a good feel of whether or not you will use this software or not. However, if you want to track your progress and improve your rankings it is worthwhile getting the paid version as this allows you to save reports and compare your progress. You’ll also be able to check more keywords when you’re doing a ranking check and return more suggestions when you are doing keyword research.

My Traffic Travis Bonus for you (worth $175)

I’m offering a number of exclusive Traffic Travis Bonuses to anyone who purchases the professional version of Traffic Travis through my link. All you need to do is fill in the form on my contact me page – put “Traffic Travis Bonuses” in the title of your message and let me know your name and your Clickbank transaction ID. I’ll then send you the download links as soon as possible.

Traffic Travis Bonus #1 Bonus #1 – A copy of my SEO EBook worth $27

My SEO EBook normally sells on Clickbank for $27 and explains in easy step by step instructions how to get a top ranking in the search engines. It explains how to find the best keywords for your website, exactly how to optimize your site and how to build links. You’ll also learn what NOT to do if you want a high search engine ranking.

Traffic Travis Bonus Bonus #2 – 200 PLR Articles (worth $97)

200 top shelf PLR articles worth $97. These articles are dated April 2011 and include topics such as internet marketing, weightloss, dating & relationships, personal finance, article writing, health & beauty and attraction.  You can add these articles to your website, put your name on them and pretty much do as you wish with them.

Traffic Travis 4.0 Bonuses Bonus #3 – Traffic Fantastic EBook  (worth $29)

This book teaches you how flood your website with the best kind of traffic – targeted traffic!  More targeted traffic equals more money, so if you use this system to produce an ongoing stream of highly-targeted traffic that is properly qualified and ready to buy.

Traffic Travis Bonus Bonus #4 – A Copy of the Rapid Website Indexer Software (worth $27)
This simple website indexer software generates and pings over 100 high quality backlinks causing Google and other search engines to immediately spider your site. If you run this tool once for a new website will get you indexed fast, and if you run it for an older sites it will still benefit from the backlinks and this may help it to rank higher.



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Free Traffic System Review and Bonus

Building high quality links to your website is a time consuming process, but it is also an essential part of SEO and necessary if you want to get your website ranked highly.

This is a Review of Free Traffic System – a tool that allows you to post an article with two backlinks to up to 30 different blogs at the same time. The name “free” seems to suggest that there is no cost to this tool, but they started charging for it in 2012.

I’ve been using Free Traffic System for a couple of years now and I’ve found it to be a very effective way of building backlinks. Usually I can get a website page or blog post ranked on the first page of Google by submitting one or two articles to Free Traffic System

Free Traffic System lets you build links in a few different ways:

1) You can include 2 backlinks in every article you post (3 backlinks for Pro members). This means that you get 60 backlinks for every article you post (or 90 if you are a Pro member).

2) If you refer another person to Free Traffic System, you’ll get a backlinks to your site in a percentage of the articles that they post.

3) If you add a WordPress blog of your own into their system (optional) you will earn an additional 7% of backlinks


How Do You Enter an Article into the Free Traffic System?

Adding an article to the system is easy once you get the hang of it and it will usually take me around 15 minutes or so to add an article that I’ve already written. You basically need to enter two links, one or more keywords for anchor text for each link. Next you enter the article title and the article body and finally you chose a tag for your article (keyword) and then select up to 30 blogs to submit your article to.

Free Traffic System Review

You also have the option of spinning your article. Spinning means adding different variations of words and sentences within your article and these can be randomly interchanged to create a unique version of your article. It is worth taking the time to do this as it will increase the chances of each blog article being indexed by the search engines on all the blogs you submit your article. This in turn will increase your backlinks.

I’d recommend using a tool such as The Best Spinner to spin your articles as this will really cut down on the time it takes you to submit an article to the system. This tool offers a 7 day trial so you can see if you like it first. You can use PLR articles when you are submitting an article to FTS, as long as you spin the article first. I recommend spinning by at least 30%.


Is any Training and Support Provided?

There is a wealth of video training within the members area and this explains how to use the system and how to get the most out of it. The videos are very detailed and easy to follow and it is essential to at least watch the overview video before you start submitting articles. There’s also a nicely written PDF guide if you prefer reading to watching. I’ve used their support email address a couple of times and received a helpful response within a day.


What are the Disadvantages of Using the Free Traffic System?

The only disadvantages that I have found so far are:

1) A lot of Free Traffic System users will submit nonsense articles that don’t make sense in English. This is only a disadvantage if you have submitted a blog to FTS and are receiving content to it. I did this initially but found that over 50% of the articles I received were trashy. So if you are going to use this system to receive content you either need to keep a close eye on the content that is being published on your blog or use a blog that is not important to you. Some tighter control on this from the FTS staff would be good.

2) When you submit an article there is limited information available about the blogs you are submitting to. You only get to see the blog title and the categories – no URL.


What are the Advantages of Free Traffic System

The main advantages are:

1) Really quick way to build backlinks to your site
2) Extra backlinks for referring others.
3) Generous commissions for referring pro members
4) Bonus backlinks for submitting a WordPress blog


Free Traffic System Bonus

If you sign up to the Free Traffic System using my link and submit at least one article into the system I’ll give you 150 high quality PLR articles to use as you please. The article topics include health & beauty, internet marketing, finance, pregnancy, weightloss and dating.

Just contact me and let me know your full name and that you’d like to receive the Free Traffic System Bonus

I hope you found this Free Traffic System Review helpful and feel free to post any questions you have below!

Free Traffic System

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