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Suzanne Morrison

Dear Struggling Webmaster,

Are you fed up of looking at your website stats and seeing a measly 30 or 40 daily visitors? Or are you breaking your budget every month on pay per click, classified or banner advertising?  

Before I Cracked the Code I was a Struggling Webmaster with Less than 50 visitors a day!

Back in 2004, I was struggling with my very first website in the extremely competitive home business market. At that time I would think myself lucky if I received 50 visitors to my site in a day!

After a few months of spending lots of time, effort and money setting up ads, exchanging links and using pay per click advertising without seeing any improvement, I was close to giving up. I had found out that getting traffic to a website, especially one in a competitive niche was much harder than everyone was making out.  

In a last chance effort I decided to find out more about search engine optimization techniques. I read every SEO article I could lay my hands on, hung out in SEO forums and bought almost every EBook, training course and video on the market that had something to do with SEO or keyword research. I spent weeks pouring over this material in great detail.

Luckily I have a degree in Computer Science, so I was able to decipher all the complex technical descriptions of how to optimize a website for the search engines.  

Applying some  Simple Techniques Increased my Traffic from Google by 1000%!

I started to apply all these techniques to my failing home business website and within a few weeks I started to see an improvement in my traffic.  

Within a few months my website was in the number one position in Google.com for a keyword phrase that had hundreds of thousands of competitors.  

Here's PROOF That ANYONE Can Improve Search Engine Rankings - Once You Know What Steps to Follow!

I currently have hundreds of page one rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing across websites in numerous niches. In the screenshot below you can see a snapshot from StatCounter.com showing my recent visitor stats from one of my websites.

Google Search Results

It Can be Very Difficult to Find an SEO Guide that isn’t Hundreds of Pages Long

At this point I felt that I had mastered the art of search engine optimization for myself, but it had taken me a lot of time, effort and money to learn these techniques. Many of the SEO books and training courses on the market go into great detail, often resembling reference manuals and often having more than 300 pages! These courses are generally not written with the beginner in mind and in some cases they cost $70 and upwards.

Although I learned a lot from these books and courses, it took me a long time to locate exactly what I needed to do to improve my search engine rank and get a top ranking for my website.  

For this reason I have decided to write my own report in very clear, simple and easy to understand steps, explaining exactly what you need to do to improve search engine ranking. You will be able to read this report and start applying techniques in less than an hour - no need to spend days or weeks pouring over hundreds of pages of complex technical detail!  

Introducing “10 Ways to Improve your Search Engine Rank”  

 Improve Search Engine Rank Report  

By reading this report, you will know in less than an hour how to:

    Improve Search Engine Rank and move your website up tens or hundreds of search engine positions
   Find out the most common mistakes that you may have already made and how these mistakes could be preventing you from achieving a top ranking.
   Use a simple technique that you can apply to your website in just a few minutes that could make a massive difference in your search engine rank

Here are some testimonials from people who have read the 10 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking report.


Hello Suzanne,

Your 10 Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking report is excellent and dispells the myth that optimizing a web page is a difficult process and one you need to fear or even hire an SEO Expert for.Thanks to your precise yet simple and detailed step-by-step instructions, with examples, screenshots and links, makes it possible for someone even with limited knowledge of html to optimise their web page for the search engines. Also the detailed information you provide, once the the web page optimization process is complete, to achieve search engine success is very valuable indeed.

Cynthia Minnaar
South Africa


  Hi Suzanne,

When it comes to SEO I carefully watch what you do because you have proved time and time again that you know how to get your websites ranked high in the search engines. This report is a step by step guide that every person no matter what their experience is should follow when optimizing their websites. I never fail to learn something new from you.

Thanks for sharing!
Jeff Casmer



This report is a must have for anyone who is even slightly confused about how to properly optimize a website for the best search engine results. Everyone should have this report. It is well laid out with real life examples and screenshots for demonstrations purposes. Very easy to understand.

I used to be scared of words like, title tags, meta tags, keyword density, sitemap, and latent semantic indexing…but not anymore. Thank you for putting this together! - Very helpful.

Ken Troyer

Take Care,
Ken Troyer, USA


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If you are looking for an SEO guide that is simple, easy to understand and straight to the point with no fluff, then 10 Steps to Search Engine Success is what you need. You will be able to read and understand this report and be making changes to your website within an hour or less, which could improve your website traffic forever!


I loved Suzanne's Search Engine Ranking Report.

This is a straight to the point, no fluff guide on how anyone can boost their website's positioning in the major search engines. I was pleased by the fact that I didn't have to trawl through pages of useless info to get to the 'meat' of the topic.

Mal Keenan Mal Keenan, Ireland


Suzanne's report is exactly what it says - 10 Tips on Improving Your Search Engine Rank. Although the report might seem skimpy with having only 15 pages, HIGH QUALITY is what's important and HIGH QUALITY is exactly what you get!

This eBook is useful for any website owner who is seeking to generate more *traffic* to their website - the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing - or for those beginning newbie's or even intermediate internet marketers.

What's more is that you get GREAT resources to use alongside with the chapters to help you to start to improve your search engine ranking right off the bat!
In just 3 words - A wise investment!

Justin Mandel, USA

  Hi Suzanne,

I just finished reading your report "10 Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking" and I am really impressed with it. In 10 easy to follow tips you managed to cover everything from A to Z on getting a website that is ranking poorly to the top of the search engines. I would say anyone with average intelligence could follow this report and improve traffic by implementing good SEO practices and following what you teach here.

Jeff Schuman Jeff Schuman, USA


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10 Steps to Search Engine Success costs just $9.95 and is available to download in PDF form immediately after purchase.

60 Days to Try it - Risk Free!
Satisfaction Guaranteed If you decide that this SEO Report is not right for you, for whatever reason, just send me an e-mail for a full and prompt refund - no questions asked.
Plus - if I update this report any time in the future with new techniques you'll receive a brand new copy, absolutely FREE of charge!

To Your Higher Search Engine Rank!

Suzanne Morrison

P.S. If you purchase today you will also receive free updates to this report. Every time I update the report you will receive a free download link at no extra charge!

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